Tokyo Deli, Ramen Monk Bento Box Review

  • Tokyo Deli, Ramen Monk
  • 407 Glen Huntly Rd, Elsternwick VIC 3185
  • Ordered: Teriyaki Salmon & Teriyaki Chicken Bento Box
  • Average Cost For Two: $30.00
  • Service: 3.8 / 5
  • Food Rating: 3.8 / 5
  • Atmosphere: Renovated, Modern Decor, Spacious
  • Total Star Rating: 3.8/5

Tokyo Deli Ramen Monk is conveniently located only a few minutes away from the Glen Huntly shopping district and spacious enough to host 30 or more people.

We both ordered a bento box meal, one was the Teriyaki Salmon and the other Teriyaki Chicken along with a side dish of fried tofu. To our surprise the menu displayed all bento box meals without being in a bento box which was a little strange.

Within 5 minutes the meal was served on large trays accompanied by smaller trays, dishes and a bowl. Presentation was very nice but the lack of bento box made it look like just any other meal which spoiled part of the fun.

Both chicken and salmon were very tender which wasn’t expected from a takeaway restaurant.  Both melted in your mouth as you ate away and you had the feeling that you were downing a slice of butter rather than chicken or salmon. Every bight was an experience and looked forward to the next until there was nothing left. 🙁

The teriyaki sauce was acceptable though one had the feeling that it had not been freshly made, more of a pre-cooked sauce or packaged product. The sauce was strong and over powered the meal as there was too much of it, two to three layers on top of it which was just too much.

The side dishes were nice, thin slices of pickled radish and tender seaweed salad went down well.  The Japanese rice was well cooked and served with a few sprinkles of sesame seeds and a hint of steam escaped as you dug into each portion as if it had just been cooked. To finish it off a few sprigs of salad accompanied the meal served with dressing.

Overall a nice contrast of textures and the whole meal tested quite nice. A good spot for a quick lunch or dinner. Reasonably priced and a good range available. We definitely intend on going back to try their other menu items.

By: Costa & Patrick (Team Bento) #TeamBento #BentoBox